Diamond Coring and Cutting Services – Rapid Coring SA

Diamond Coring and Cutting Services - Rapid Coring SA

If you are seeking professional diamond coring and cutting services, let Rapid Coring SA assist. Rapid Coring SA is a leading coring company based in Gauteng, providing coring services for clients across the country.

Diamond coring and cutting is a specialised service that should be completed by trained and experienced individual, with the right tools for the job. Rapid Coring SA will ensure a successful outcome for your concrete coring and cutting project, by providing a professional and efficient service. Contact us at Rapid Coring SA today to discuss your coring project with the leading coring company.

What is diamond coring and cutting?

Diamond coring or cutting involves the use of specialised equipment, called diamond tools. Diamonds are known for their strength and robustness, making them ideal for use in concrete coring and cutting. Diamond grains (usually synthetic or unusable diamonds) are present in the tips and working parts of saws and drills, facilitating the efficient cutting of concrete and masonry. The use of diamond tools for concrete drilling and cutting provide a number of advantages over traditional or older concrete cutting and removal methods (such as a jackhammer). Advantages of diamond coring and cutting include:

  • Cleaner cuts, that leave smoother surfaces than older methods
  • Less damage and cracks are caused to the surrounding concrete surface, meaning less repair work is required
  • Noise levels are much lower when using diamond tools than using jackhammers
  • Wet drilling results in less dust and dirt to clean up
  • Diamond tools offer consistent and precise drilling and cutting
  • Diamond tools improve the work environment and is less distractive for workers
  • Ultimately, diamond coring tools are less disruptive and more efficient

Rapid Coring SA provides Wet drilling techniques for concrete, and Dry drilling techniques for masonry. Our drills feature diamond tipped core barrels from 12mm – 600mm in diameter, and can effectively drill through brick, asphalt and heavily reinforced concrete. We also use a number of concrete cutting techniques, depending on the project requirements. Rapid Coring SA also specialise in breakdown and demolition of masonry and concrete structures, as well as the installation of chemical anchors. Read more about our diamond coring and cutting services.

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Contact Rapid Coring SA for professional diamond coring and cutting services

Contact the leading concrete coring company in South Africa to complete all your diamond coring and cutting services successfully. No job is too big or too small for Rapid Coring SA; we have completed projects across South Africa, assisting our clients in the construction industry with a satisfying service. Get a tailored quote today to let the professional concrete coring company handle your coring services and needs. Contact Rapid Coring SA.

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