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Diamond Core Drilling

The following two different drilling techniques are implemented on construction sites:

  • Wet Concrete drilling for reinforced concrete.
  • Dry Concrete drilling for masonry.

Using diamond tipped core barrels from 12mm – 600mm in diameter drilling through brick, asphalt and heavily reinforced concrete for normal openings:

  • Concrete core drilling up to 1,5m depth
  • Stitch coring of large and rectangular openings
  • Horizontal core drilling through walls
  • Upside down core drilling
  • Suction base core drilling where anchor bolts cannot be used
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Concrete Cutting

We specialise in the following concrete cutting techniques:

  • Concrete Wire sawing
  • Concrete sawing and cutting
  • Concrete seal and joints
  • Concrete expansion joints

Rapid Coring SA specialises in concrete scanning.

We specialise in the following concrete scanning services:

  • Non-destructive structural investigations on slabs, columns, beams, bridges and all other concrete structures.
  • Scanning to locate and identify structural reinforcement and post tension cables.
  • Scanning and measurement of reinforcement diameter, direction and concrete cover.
  • Scanning for the safe positioning of core drills in order to avoid reinforcement hits.
  • Rebar surveys
Cement Cutting
Cement Cutting

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