Concrete Cutting / Core Cutting in Gauteng

Concrete Cutting / Core Cutting Specialists in Gauteng

Concrete Cutting in Gauteng - If you are in need of a concrete cutting specialist in Gauteng, you are in the right place. Rapid Coring SA is a leading concrete cutting company, offering a range of professional services to meet your coring needs. You can expect a successful concrete removal project when relying on the team from Rapid Coring SA to assist. Rapid Coring SA have gained extensive experience across various economic sectors, aiming to provide our clients with a professional service with positive results.

Get a quote today from the leading coring specialists for concrete cutting in Gauteng, to ensure that you get the best team for the job. No job is too big or too small for Rapid Coring SA - talk to a consultant today.

Coring services available in Gauteng and South Africa

Rapid Coring SA specialise in diamond core drilling, diamond cutting and chemical anchors. Read more about our services below, or contact us today to speak to a professional consultant about our coring services in Gauteng:

  • Diamond core drilling: Rapid Coring SA uses both Wet drilling (for reinforced concrete) and Dry drilling (for masonry) techniques. Our coring equipment and diamond tipped core barrels allow us to effectively drill through brick, asphalt and heavily reinforced concrete for various construction purposes (plumbing, electric cables, piping etc.).
  • Diamond concrete cutting: Rapid Coring SA's concrete cutting techniques involve wire concrete cutting and rigging, circular blade concrete cutting and rigging and seal and joints concrete cutting. Our concrete cutting services help to make the removal of concrete for demolition and other construction requirements easy and problem free.
  • Chemical anchor installation: Chemical anchoring involves a specialised technique to fasten studs, bolts and anchorages to masonry and concrete, by using a resin based adhesive system. Let the team at Rapid Coring Sa install your chemical anchors professionally, for the best results.

For more information about any of the above service, or if you are in need of concrete drilling or concrete cutting services in Gauteng, contact Rapid Coring SA today.

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Professional concrete drilling and concrete cutting in Gauteng

Rapid Coring SA have built a strong reputation amongst construction companies and clients in Gauteng and the rest of South Africa as a professional, reliable and efficient coring company. When t comes to concrete drilling and concrete cutting, there is no better company to assist. You can rely on our team to get the job done professionally and according to your requirements. Read more about our coring services on our website, or talk to a knowledgeable consultant about your coring needs. Contact the leading coring company for core cutting in Gauteng.

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