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Professional Core Cutting Services in Pretoria

Core cutting is a specialised service that involves different techniques to remove sections of concrete, and is executed by skilled professionals. This process of controlled sawing and cutting of concrete slabs and walls requires the use of specialised equipment and machinery, namely diamond tools. Diamond tools feature diamond tips that effectively cut through concrete, so that rectangular, square or round sections of concrete can be removed, meeting the required specifications.

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Core cutting specialists in Pretoria

Rapid Coring SA are core cutting specialists in Pretoria, providing a professional concrete cutting service for individuals and companies in the construction business. The team from Rapid Coring SA have successfully completed many core cutting projects in Pretoria and Gauteng. Here are a few reasons why you can trust Rapid Coring SA for your core cutting project:

  • Experience: Our team has gained extensive experience in concrete cutting, sawing and drilling, and will provide an excellent service for your project needs.
  • Equipment: Rapid Coring SA has the right diamond-tipped tools for the job, ensuring a professional finish and as little disruption to the construction site as possible.
  • Noise levels: Noise levels will be kept as low as possible, through the use of modern concrete cutting techniques and methods.
  • Efficient: Rapid Coring SA aim to provide an efficient and reliable service for our clients. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction, and you can expect the results of the project to meet your expectations.
  • Competitive prices: Expect competitive prices when dealing with Rapid Coring SA. Each project is quoted individually, to ensure cost-effective prices for our clients. Get a quote on the core cutting services in Pretoria that you require today.

Concrete Cutting Services by Rapid Coring SA

Rapid Coring SA specialise in the following concrete cutting techniques:

  • Wire concrete cutting and rigging
  • Circular blade concrete cutting and rigging
  • Seal and joints concrete cutting

Concrete drilling services we offer include:

  • Wet Concrete drilling for reinforced concrete
  • Dry Concrete drilling for masonry
Concrete Cutting
Concrete Drilling
Concrete Sawing
Cement Cutting
Cement Cutting
Cement Cutting
Cement Cutting
Cement Cutting

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Rapid Coring SA has built an outstanding reputation as a reliable and professional core cutting and drilling specialist in Pretoria and surrounding Gauteng region. No job is too big for the team from Rapid Coring SA, and we will formulate a core cutting solution that will achieve the desired results.

Rely on Rapid Coring SA for a professional finish that meets the project specifications. As a leading coring specialist, we will manage the complete concrete cutting project from start to finish. Contact the team at Rapid Coring SA to discuss your core cutting services in Pretoria, and to get a quote from the leading concrete coring specialists.

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