Core Drilling Services in Johannesburg

Professional Core Drilling Services in Johannesburg

Core drilling services in Johannesburg - Let the professionals assist with your core drilling and concrete removal needs. Rapid Coring SA is a professional core drilling and concrete cutting company in Johannesburg, providing clients with an efficient and professional concrete drilling and cutting service.

If you need assistance with concrete removal and core drilling, it is best to get a core drilling specialist to assist. Core drilling has become the method of choice when it comes to concrete drilling and concrete removal, due to the many advantages this method offers over conventional concrete removal. Read more below about the benefits of core drilling, or contact the leading company for core drilling in Johannesburg today - Rapid Coring SA.

The benefits of core drilling vs. conventional concrete removal

Core drilling requires the use of a core drill, also known as a diamond drill / machine, which is used to remove cylindrical section of concrete or masonry (at the required diameter) for a specific purpose. There are many advantages when choosing core drilling and cutting over conventional concrete removal by jackhammer and other methods, such as:

  • Save time and money: The use of diamond drilling and cutting tools are more efficient than tools such as the jackhammer, offering significantly quicker drilling and removal of concrete and masonry. This saves the client time and money.
  • Less mess: Core drilling causes less disruption in terms of dust, debris and noise, and can even be executed whilst the building is occupied / in use.
  • Precision cutting: Diamond coring tools allow for precision cutting which means that the possibility of aftercare and repair work is almost entirely eliminated.
  • Less destructive: All in all, core drilling with diamond drilling tools vibrates much less than using harsh machinery such as jackhammers. This means less possible damage to the strength / integrity of the structure, through highly controlled concrete removal procedures.
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Let the leading core drilling company in Johannesburg assist with all your concrete and masonry core drilling and cutting services. No project is too big or too small for Rapid Coring SA - Get a tailored quote to complete the concrete coring services you need.

Rapid Coring SA will provide a professional, efficient and cost-effective wet or dry core drilling services in Johannesburg that will exceed you expectations. Our team members are qualified and experienced to ensure satisfying results. View our range of concrete drilling and cutting services, or speak to a consultant today.

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