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If you are looking for a concrete coring company that will provide a professional service when it comes to concrete drilling and cutting, Rapid Coring SA is the company for you. Rapid Coring SA is a trusted concrete coring company in the construction industry, assisting many construction contractors and individuals with their concrete coring needs.

Concrete coring is a specialised field, which is why it is essential to make use of a reputable concrete coring specialist to get the job done right. No job is too big or too small for Rapid Coring SA, and we will also tailor a quote that meets your project needs.

Get in touch with the experienced team at Rapid Coring SA to take care of your concrete cutting and drilling requirements.

You can rely on Rapid Coring SA - leading concrete coring company in South Africa

Here are a few reasons why you can rely on the team from Rapid Coring SA to manage your concrete coring services:

  • Tools and equipment: As a leading concrete coring company, we possess specialised tools and equipment to complete the concrete drilling and cutting professionally. Our concrete drilling methods include Wet concrete drilling for reinforced concrete and Dry concrete drilling for masonry. Diamond tipped core barrels from 12mm – 600mm in diameter are used to drill through brick, asphalt and heavily reinforced concrete for general openings. Our technique, equipment and expertise allow us to provide a concrete coring service that causes as little disruption as possible, and makes little to no dust and mess.
  • Experience: Rapid Coring SA have been in the coring industry for many years, during which we have gained valuable experience in this field of work. Many construction companies in South Africa solely rely on Rapid Coring SA for their concrete coring needs.
  • Efficient service: You can expect an efficient service from our reliable team. We will aim to complete the project within the required timeframe, providing a quick and hassle free service.
  • Cost-effective: We will offer you a competitive price on your concrete coring services. Get an on-site quotation from Rapid Coring SA, leading concrete coring company in South Africa, today.
  • Professional results: Rapid Coring SA always aim to leave our clients with professional results, which include holes and concrete removal services according to their specifications, smooth surfaces and little to no aftercare repair work.
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Speak to a consultant at Rapid Coring SA about our concrete coring requirements. We trust that you will be more than satisfied with the services received. Read more about our concrete drilling and concrete cutting services, or get in touch with a consultant at Rapid Coring today!

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