Concrete Coring Company in Pretoria

Trusted Concrete Coring Company in Pretoria

If you require the services of a concrete coring company in Pretoria, get the professionals at Rapid Coring SA to assist. Rapid Coring SA are coring specialists, providing clients with a professional core drilling and cutting service.

You can rely on the team from Rapid Coring SA to handle the concrete drilling and cutting project efficiently, removing concrete as per the clients' specifications. Many clients in the construction business solely rely on the team from Rapid Coring SA to complete their coring project. Contact Rapid Coring SA to discuss your concrete drilling and cutting needs with an experienced consultant.

What is concrete coring?

Concrete coring involves the removal of concrete via specialised equipment and machinery. The equipment removes cylindrical sections of concrete for the installation of cables, plumbing, pipes, fibre optic cables and more. It is strongly advised to use a coring company in Pretoria with the necessary experience and equipment for the job, to ensure satisfying results. Rapid Coring SA possess state-of-the-art diamond tipped core drills and saws, that provide a professional finish. Our coring specialists are also highly experienced in coring, and can execute Wet drilling and Dry drilling techniques, depending on the specifications of the project:

  • Dry drilling: Dry drilling is mainly used for masonry, where wet drilling is not an option.
  • Wet drilling: Wet drilling is commonly used for reinforced concrete, which minimises dust and mess.

The benefits of diamond core drilling methods

Rapid Coring SA make use of diamond tools, which offer a number of benefits over older conventional concrete removal methods, such as:

  • Diamond drilling and cutting offers precise and accurate openings
  • No post patch or repair work is required
  • Wet drilling and cutting with diamond tools allow for dust-free concrete removal
  • Noise and vibrations are minimised, as opposed to older concrete removal techniques
  • Removed pieces can be cut to smaller sizes for easy transportation and clean up
  • The construction site is not disrupted, as smaller work zones are required
  • This method of concrete removal is less labour intensive, requiring a smaller work force
  • Site cleanup is minimised, as this method is less messy
  • It is possible to operate in small and enclosed spaces, which are difficult for larger equipment to access
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Get the coring specialists to complete your coring project for successful results. We will ensure that the concrete holes are drilled according to your specifications and will leave you with a clean construction site for you to proceed with work. Get in touch with the leading concrete coring company in Pretoria today to get a quote for your coring project.

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